Efficient grading. Superior analytics. Improved outcomes.

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Grading is outdated

Grading has barely changed in the last century. It's still time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone.

Scoryst is an online grading platform that makes grading more efficient and consistent. Plus, automatically-generated statistics allows instructors and students alike to better understand performance.

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Navigate Quickly

Instructors can waste 20% of their time grading by flipping through pages. Use Scoryst's navigation menu to jump to the student's answer.

Scoryst also makes it easy to grade one question across all students. Navigate to the next student while staying on the same question.

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Grade Better with Rubrics

Each question has custom rubrics. To grade, simply select one or more rubrics that correspond to the student's answer. Students get the feedback they need in a fraction of the time.

Subtracted too many points for a mistake? Just edit the rubric's point deduction, and the scores automatically update across all students.


View In-depth Statistics

Know exactly how students performed on a homework assignment or exam. Statistics are stratified by question, so you can identify exactly what students are struggling with.

Students can also view detailed statistics. Never before have students been able to receive the granular feedback that Scoryst gives.

What our Users are saying

"I liked the peace of mind of having an archived copy of each and every assessment, so we didn't have to worry about the nightmare scenario of losing one during grading."

"Having all of the scores and assignments online made it much easier and faster for students to get their grades, and there was no way students could cheat the system by writing more and asking for a regrade."

"There were intuitive controls, grading was fast once the rubrics were set up, rubrics could be changed on the fly (which saved us a lot of time), and the Scoryst team was very responsive."